Lost finale

As much television as I watch, the good and the bad, Lost was one of the good shows. It was complex, interesting and had many connections to literature and philosophy, making it a thoughtful and anticipated viewing experience every week. Unfortunately, the finale fell far short of any kind of satisfaction. I’m not talking about the multiple questions left open (like what happened to Walt) but more about the big answer. Early on, the writers promised that the island wasn’t Purgatory. Well, it wasn’t but I think they split some tiny hairs. They created the Sideways world so that Purgatory could still be the answer without going back on their word. This ending was trite and hackneyed as any SciFi fan knows. Emotionally, I enjoyed the resolution of the characters’ storylines but Lost was a plot driven show to a large degree (despite protestations to the contrary) and the bigger answers should have been better. I don’t regret watching the show and enjoyed it (for the most part) all seasons but was very disappointed in the manner it was ended. No innovation there.

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