Season Finale thoughts

Nurse Jackie was awesome and had, perhaps, the best end line of all “I’m Jackie and I’m an addict.  Blow me.”  Loved it.  I wondered from the beginning how long she would get away with it.  Now I wonder how it will play out.  I kind of think it will send her back into Eddie’s arms since he seems to deal with the drug part and now he knows everything about her.  The most interesting relationship in jeopardy to me isn’t Kevin, it’s her relationship with O’Hara.  O’Hara knows far more about Jackie’s real life than Kevin ever did.  By keeping the various pockets of her life secret from others, she’s made quite a mess of everything.  I’m sure the drug dealer will be back too.  I, for one, can’t wait for its return in the Fall.  Will Jackie quit using?  Will she even try?

United States of Tara.  The revelation of the half brother, who is most likely the molester, will be a great start for next season.  New characters, such as Shoshanna and Chicken, were really good but could have completely been jump the shark moments.  Still a pretty tight show so I will continue watching.

I liked the Glee season finale and appreciated some of the more subtle insights into the characters – Sue choosing New Directions for first place, Puck telling Quinn he loved her “even more now” and others.  What I didn’t like was that Rachel’s mother, who has declined a relationship with her, is adopting Quinn’s baby?  I love the character and am glad she is staying around – don’t love that result for the baby.   Also, since when does one guy singing (Jonathan Groff) make it a show choir?  Groff rocked Bohemian Rhapsody though.  Vocal Adrenaline had good dancers but he is the only one that really sang.  While New Directions had Finn and Rachel as leads, everyone participated.  Not surprised with the result and I think it is better that they lost so they can really want it even more next year.

Haven’t watched Justified yet but I bet it rocks!

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2 Responses to Season Finale thoughts

  1. andy2700 says:

    What do you think will or should happen on Nurse Jackie, next season?

  2. mediatzar says:

    You wrote a real finale review – not just a little one like I did! Great job! Not sure what I think will happen because they could take it in so many directions. It will be interesting to see O’Hara and Kevin on one side and Jackie on the other. Eddie is going to be pulled in two different directions because I think he views Kevin as a friend now. And he is the final secret but more devastating than Jackie’s drug use for her family. For Jackie to walk away from her family would be a good twist – or for her to figure out ways to stay a drug addict without being caught again. This is one of my favorite shows because it is so character driven and she is so complex. I just don’t want to see her try to get clean because I think it would be too trite. Much better if she is going to NA pretending to try to get clean but still doing drugs and coming up with ways to beat the drug tests that Kevin and/or O’Hara insist she take. Maybe she’ll start dealing to get her fix although I think that would be predictable. The lengths she will go to get out of trouble with the drug dealer will be picked up next season, I think, which could bring in some different characters. O’Hara also has some depth to her. Of all of them, I think Kevin is the most one-dimensional. Exploring who he is and discovering he is different than we think would also make for a good storyline. Dr. Cooper is interesting but I don’t find him much more dimensional than Kevin except for the fact we have more information about him. Akalitus could be wonderful if she could get some better storylines and I think she may be more involved with the characters next season and not just running the department. I like your parallels between Jackie/Kevin and their children and think the fact that Jackie can’t see those parallels fascinating. It should be a great season.

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